About Us

The history of how Fusion became what it is today.

Fusion Labworks is a non-profit that was brought to life from the passion of a few learning-oriented people. Paul Terpstra, CEO of Motis Inc. began the workshops back in 2014. The driving factor behind the workshops was Paul and his colleagues desire to pass on their passion for design and manufacturing, as well as reaching out and giving back in the form of opportunities to help students fully understand their potential.

Paul Terpstra, Board Chairman of Fusion Labworks

The team developed the motto: Build, Learn, Discover. This motto embodied the idea that one should never stop learning. There is always the opportunity for growth within ones self, but also growth as a community and as a society through learning. The motto breaks down further like so:

  • Build - By engaging youth in hands-on design and manufacturing projects, they get the opportunity to use equipment/machinery and develop important skills. They get to design and build something useful, as well as be part of a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Learn - Experiential learning is at the core of our workshops and programming. Without even knowing it, youth are learning geometry, hand-eye coordination, how machinery works, and how day-to-day products are made. This builds an intuition that cannot be taught. The students will hopefully start to develop that innate understanding of mathematics, critical thinking and problem solving. 
  • Discover - Through these projects, youth have the chance to discover passions and interests they may not have known they had. As we have seen many times, when someone gets the chance to build and learn, they discover an unknown passion that lie within them. When youth discover that passion, they will continue to expand their mind. By building and designing in different areas, they will continue to learn, and discover more about themselves. It is this type of experience and growth that really offers a strong foundation for students to then grow and become successful and self-fulfilled individuals throughout their life. 

Fusion Labworks has completely absorbed the goals, purpose, and motto set out by Paul years ago. We are now an organization committed to reaching out youth across the nation in hopes to inspire, and ignite passion among students. Our ultimate goal is to be a community enriching organization that gives back in a multitude of ways. We are on our way there now, and what an exciting path we have laid out in front of us.